There is no April fools day joke in today’s diary, but there is a lot of craziness going on at Hilltop, at least. First of all, it’s income tax day, and that is always enough to stress me a bit, and that’s just organizing the documents to take to the accountant who is actually doing […]

As I write this, Crystal has already been bit by the gardening bug and is out back weeding around the patio. We’re excited to see almost all our 4 X 4-foot boxes of flowers, all perennials, coming back up for the new season. I can only see the pointed top of her pink hoodie sweatshirt […]

What a difference a week makes at Hilltop! Some bulbs are already showing their color, and temperatures are springing up to feel like spring has sprung. We’ve naturally begun dreaming of all our agricultural plans for this year, adding potted vegetables to the flowers and herbs. The former must be carefully protected from all the […]

Welcome to the frozen tundra of Hilltop! Or, as of today, the rapidly melting tundra. I have no idea what a tundra is, to be honest. We are thankful that we never lost our electricity or water and had plenty of food and firewood during last week’s nationwide blizzard, and we offer sincere condolences to […]

It has been a good couple of weeks since last I wrote! A major project of over two years came to a milestone in the form of the now-printed and bound 11 X 17” score and 9.5 X 13”parts for my 45-minute Symphony No. 2 for a large symphony orchestra, shown here. Parts had to […]

While looking for low calorie offerings at the fish counter, this lovely character, a monkfish, caught my eye and made it to our table last Friday – fortunately in filleted form. I first imagined he is called that because he is so ugly that he should stay in seclusion, like a monk. Not really. It […]

This is the time I call “In the bleak mid-winter” (after the song of that title) when we still have nearly the least daylight of the year, and light deprivation syndrome gets me down a bit. The back garden seems dead and barren and frosted over. I’m not seeing our deer or turkeys or birds […]

Welcome to my last blog of 2020. Wishing you a Happy New Year! We had a lovely Christmas Eve and Day, with my wife Crystal’s parents visiting at our house. It was actually the very first year of our 10 ½ year marriage that we were in our own home on Christmas Day. It’s always […]

Welcome to my annual Christmas diary entry. We “finally” have a tree up (actually three this year, here are two of them). We normally do Advent and wait to put up the tree till just before Christmas. Then we leave it up for the twelve days of Christmas (starting on Christmas Day) to Epiphany (visit […]

It’s been back home and to working unrelentingly, as usual.  I wrote two articles, one on the King’s College “Lessons and Carols” service at Cambridge, England (for The Epoch Times), and one called “Was Beethoven Egotistical?” (for The Imaginative Conservative) – both to be published on Dec. 16, Beethoven’s birthday.  A lot of time has […]