Welcome back to the Hilltop! It appears to be party time! First, today happens to be my birthday, and I’m NOT a big birthday person, so you don’t need to wish me happy birthday, just pretend I’m 29. But hey, any excuse to have a gathering with good friends, food, and libations! It will be […]

Greetings from Hilltop! If you received an event invitation by e-mail concerning me, kindly do remember to répondez s’il vous plait (“Please reply”) using the link on the attached invitation form, both for a yay or a nay. Nowadays I feel badly inconveniencing you to have to take time to decline an invitation you didn’t […]

For those who have not seen it on Facebook, I will start by sharing this lovely four-minute documentary/ promo video just done by the European Recording Orchestra about my new symphony, filmed while we were recording the symphony last May at the Bulgarian National Radio Studio 1 for my forthcoming Parma / Navona Recordings album […]

In recent posts I have shared about preparing my upcoming album, but that music was composed a year or more before. So what am I composing now? I have mentioned here that I’m working on a new ballet commission, titled Raffaella, named after the ballerina pictured below. So far, I have posted here three of […]

I am very excited to share with you the new animated album cover art for my album coming out October 14. (I have updated this page with the finished version now.) Just push the “play” arrow button and be sure your sound is on to hear the opening bars of the symphony with it.   […]

The past two weeks were spent in a cabin on a mountaintop near Gatlinburg, TN (first week) and then back home sorting out sundry things that needed tidying (second week). The cabin week, with its beautiful views of “smoke” in the mountaintops from the serene decking was fantastic and a nice chance to do no […]

Off we have ventured for a week’s vacation with our friends, Professor Plum and Mrs. Peacock, in a fun cabin in the Smoky Mountains near Gatlinburg, Tennessee and are having a lovely, relaxing time. However, my Hilltop Diary is due today, and so I’ve decided to devote it to some story from my musical career […]

Yesterday, the first day of summer, has ushered in a week or two of what used to be called dog-days, with 100+ heat indices, but I think I’m one of those people who would still choose that over the sub-freezing days of winter. The garden seems to love the full sun, provided we water it […]

After my travels (see last entry), I was pretty much exhausted for days but am feeling back to normal now and am already beginning to “pre-compose” my next piece. I can’t really define what that means! But it involves quieting my mind and feeling the musical mood I’m after, and just waiting any number of […]

It’s been a big two weeks of travels for me, and I’m glad to be back at Hilltop! I’m in no hurry to take an airplane again for as long as possible! That aside, the work done at these two destinations has been well worth it and the culmination of many months and hundreds of […]