Off we have ventured for a week’s vacation with our friends, Professor Plum and Mrs. Peacock, in a fun cabin in the Smoky Mountains near Gatlinburg, Tennessee and are having a lovely, relaxing time. However, my Hilltop Diary is due today, and so I’ve decided to devote it to some story from my musical career […]

Yesterday, the first day of summer, has ushered in a week or two of what used to be called dog-days, with 100+ heat indices, but I think I’m one of those people who would still choose that over the sub-freezing days of winter. The garden seems to love the full sun, provided we water it […]

After my travels (see last entry), I was pretty much exhausted for days but am feeling back to normal now and am already beginning to “pre-compose” my next piece. I can’t really define what that means! But it involves quieting my mind and feeling the musical mood I’m after, and just waiting any number of […]

It’s been a big two weeks of travels for me, and I’m glad to be back at Hilltop! I’m in no hurry to take an airplane again for as long as possible! That aside, the work done at these two destinations has been well worth it and the culmination of many months and hundreds of […]

I devote this entry to answering some of the questions I have received about recording music in Bulgaria, which might be interesting, or might not. But if not, my apologies, and the regular Hilltop news and photo (which is Beatrix Potter’s house in England, also called Hill Top) will return next time. Why record in […]

There are only a few bits of news to tell this time. The weather has remained unseasonably cold for this time of year here, so gardening has not progressed too much, but our chlamydia plants have very pretty blooms coming on and starting their big climb up and around the trellis. I planted some chive […]

Feeling too busy? Wish you could learn to say no more often? I have not had much success at it! My Lenten resolution was to “give up” saying yes to too many things, not only for Lent, but generally. I am trying to finish up the projects still on my plate and then start saying […]

Happy birthday, April 3, to my wife of now close to a dozen years, Crystal! I try to surprise her every year with something a bit unusual from among her many passionate pursuits. One thing she enjoys, perhaps out of her nostalgic sensibility, is playing scratchy old antique vinyl records of original cast recordings and […]

After a sudden change of plans, which often seems to happen in the arts just to keep us a little crazy, my symphony recording project was switched to another orchestra. Question: What happens when you take top professional symphony players from a dozen Eastern European symphony orchestras and gather them into the state-of-the-art Bulgarian National […]

Could it be a sign of spring? At Hilltop, our big flock of turkeys has mysteriously returned, sauntering across the back pasture from time to time, and they seem fearless. They come right up to me begging for food. (I have been known to give them some dried corn.) They would probably eat out of […]