E-MAIL: (Michael does NOT use the nickname “Mickey.”)  The e-mail may be used as a backup, if the above does not work. Michael Kurek is retired from Vanderbilt University but still retains that e-mail service as a professor emeritus.

MAIL:  Please inquire by e-mail where to send paper (snail) mail, or attach it to an e-mail. Do not send it to Vanderbilt University.

POTENTIAL STUDENTS:  If you wish to inquire about studying composition at Vanderbilt University, please address inquiries to Vanderbilt University, directly to the admissions office of the Blair School of Music, (615) 322-7651.  Professor Kurek retired and transitioned to the title of “Professor Emeritus” in May, 2020 and is no longer available for teaching at Vanderbilt. He is open to teaching a few, select, adult composition students privately, provided they are not currently enrolled in university composition lessons. (See the “Composition Lessons” link above for more information.)

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