E-MAIL: (Michael does NOT use the nickname “Mickey.”)  The e-mail may be used as a backup, if the above does not work. Michael Kurek is newly retired from Vanderbilt University but still retains that e-mail service as a professor emeritus.

MAIL:  Please inquire by e-mail where to send paper (snail) mail, or attach the e-document to an e-mail. Do not send it to Vanderbilt University.

POTENTIAL STUDENTS:  If you wish to inquire about studying composition at Vanderbilt University, please address inquiries to Vanderbilt University, directly to the admissions office of the Blair School of Music, (615) 322-7651.  Professor Kurek retired and has transitioned to the title of “Professor Emeritus” in May, 2020. He is no longer available for teaching through Vanderbilt. He has taught some composition lessons online, independent of Vanderbilt University, but now, due to a busier schedule of composing commissions, he is not able to accept new private students until further notice. Apologies!