E-MAIL: Michael Kurek has two e-mail addresses:  For discussions of performing music and other composition questions, please use Incidentally, Michael does NOT generally use the nickname “Mickey,” but the address was chosen simply because the screen name MichaelKurek was already taken by someone else on AOL.   For academic business, letters of recommendation, etc.,  please use — Depending on who you are, please address him as Michael, as Dr. Kurek, or as Professor Kurek.

PHONE: (615) 322-7667  (This is Michael Kurek’s direct office line at the Blair School of Music, Vanderbilt University. However, it is usually quicker to e-mail. During M-F office hours, the reception desk at the Blair School of Music, (615) 322-7651, can also take a message or help to contact Michael Kurek more quickly. Generally, e-mails will be received sooner than phone messages at either of these two numbers.)

FAX: (615) 343-0324 (This is the fax machine in the Blair School of Music office; faxes will be put into Michael Kurek’s faculty mailbox by the office staff and may not be retrieved for two or three days, unless you send an e-mail to notify MK that a fax has been sent.)

MAIL: Please send paper correspondence to:

Professor Michael Kurek, Blair School of Music at Vanderbilt University, 2400 Blakemore Avenue, Nashville, TN 37212, U.S.A.

POTENTIAL STUDENTS:  If you wish to inquire about studying composition, please address inquiries first to Vanderbilt University, directly to the admissions office of the Blair School of Music, (615) 322-7651. Also, Prof. Michael Slayton screens all applicants for composition admission and fields general inquiries about it.  PLEASE DO NOT write directly to Michael Kurek about applying in composition.  Michael Kurek does not teach privately outside of the university or to adult students who are not enrolled full-time at Vanderbilt.  Thank you.