It has been a little over a month since I wrote, because things got busy and then we were in Colorado doing all the fun things you can do there. We were mostly in Vail. In order of importance to me (the most enjoyable first being, I confess, the least athletic and outdoorsy): shopping in […]

My musical theater show, Dear Miss Barrett, got through its second and final weekend (eight performances in all) on June 27 with a crescendo to a wonderful height of excellence in performance and of audience enthusiasm and praise. I’m very thankful and looking forward to sending out the video of the show to all sorts […]

Please forgive me for taking almost a month to write here again, as my musical theater show, Dear Miss Barrett, has been in the throws of production. First there were  “table readings”, people sitting around a table reading their parts from the script with interruptions along the way to discuss together the context in the […]

All goes smoothly at the Hilltop, which is to say as full of crazy, varied activities as ever, but each in its order and according to plan. Crystal’s school is winding up this week, having launched the eighth graders into the world (or the next piece of it) at their graduation ceremony over the weekend. […]

Our insanely busy schedule has continued, perhaps like yours. Surely after the run of my show in June and a trip to Denver in July, I can get out the old rockin’ chair on the porch. Seems very unlikely. Our week of weirdly cold weather was followed by a week of storms, high winds, and […]

After an unseasonably frosty week, during which we had to put our plants into the garage and park a car outside, warm spring has returned – we hope for good. Here is a video photo montage of our latest efforts: Dear Miss Barrett has a full cast now! Full cast list to be announced soon. […]

As spring keeps nudging its way in, we keep planting and mowing and investing in what we hope will be a beautiful garden in the back (with flowers vegetables and herbs in the back and landscaping in the front. Photos to come! Even our “Rock City” hummingbird feeder is out, as they advise you to […]

There is no April fools day joke in today’s diary, but there is a lot of craziness going on at Hilltop, at least. First of all, it’s income tax day, and that is always enough to stress me a bit, and that’s just organizing the documents to take to the accountant who is actually doing […]

As I write this, Crystal has already been bit by the gardening bug and is out back weeding around the patio. We’re excited to see almost all our 4 X 4-foot boxes of flowers, all perennials, coming back up for the new season. I can only see the pointed top of her pink hoodie sweatshirt […]

What a difference a week makes at Hilltop! Some bulbs are already showing their color, and temperatures are springing up to feel like spring has sprung. We’ve naturally begun dreaming of all our agricultural plans for this year, adding potted vegetables to the flowers and herbs. The former must be carefully protected from all the […]