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Hilltop Diary, June 30, 2020

These last two weeks have been quite a bit more eventful than the previous ones (see diary of June 14). Crystal’s wonderful new Subaru Forester arrived, brought up from Florida for us by Crystal’s parents, and we promptly took a vacation trip in it to the Biltmore Estate in North Carolina, staying three nights at […]

Hilltop Diary, June 15, 2020

The past fortnight has felt fairly routine, but we have made great progress in the garden I wrote about last time, and on our other garden on the side of the house. In the latter, Crystal has set up many magical lanterns and a small fountain, since we so enjoy the sound of the water […]

Hilltop Diary, June 1, 2020

Hilltop Diary, June 1, 2020 The last two weeks at Hilltop have seen some changes, first of all in backyard landscaping. Crystal asked me to build her a “Mary Garden” and gave me a sketch of the plan she wanted. It consists of four 4’ X 4’ raised flower beds in quadrants surrounding the fountain […]

Hilltop Diary, May 15, 2020

I am grateful for the coverage of my work in this week’s “The Epoch Times” – click here: The Epoch Times (To see all of the article, you may have to subscribe for one dollar, but you can read some of it for free.) This is a growing international newspaper in print and online in […]

Hilltop Diary, May 2, 2020

The last couple of weeks have seen the continuation of gradual healing from whatever plague Crystal has, but in the past several days with a pretty nasty relapse. It came with lots of pain, though vital signs and breathing have all been fine. This becomes a mental challenge, and we hang in there as a […]

Hilltop Diary, April 18, 2020

The last two weeks have not brought forth any big news to share here, but as an update I have used the time at home to compose and orchestrate the first two minutes of my symphony’s fourth (last movement) and wrote the first thousand-plus words of my novel’s chapter 22 (of 28 chapters). This Monday, […]

Hilltop Diary, April 5, 2020

As with so many of you, we remain home-bound as instructed by the powers that be, for the good of all. And it is for the good of us, since Crystal has been fighting some kind of plague, whatever it may be, and I have only had mild symptoms but am pretty much over those […]

Hilltop Diary, March 20, 2020

Close to three weeks this time since my last entry, and so much has changed. It turns out that the local production of my musical show, originally scheduled to premiere yesterday but canceled by the theater for financial reasons (along with their whole spring season), would not have happened anyway, due to the virus measures […]

Hilltop Diary, March 2, 2020

It has been six weeks since my last entry, because I was waiting for some things to firm up before writing again. Some of them have, and some still have not, and others have dissolved altogether! Crystal’s musical theater run of Matilda just completed, and it was very special. What a fine cast, and what […]

Hilltop Diary, January 16, 2020

Sometimes it feels like a vacation to return from vacation, if the vacation was more hectic than one’s normal life. That was the case leading up to this new year of 2020. I will be happy not to go anywhere near either an airport or a long highway ride for a while! I was not […]