PHOTOS BY DENISE TRUSCELLO NASHVILLE - TN - USA- SEPTEMBER 2005“Composing in a tonal idiom reminiscent of the great melodists of the early 20th century, Kurek creates music that tugs at the heartstrings without ever pandering, that is rich in emotive content without feeling sugary.  The works on THE SEA KNOWS plumb the depths of musical sensitivity and will appeal to anyone who listens to music seeking intimacy and an emotionally-grounded experience.”  — Parma Recordings Review

“A distinctively dreamlike quality that exerts a powerful seductive pull on the listener…engrossing…sweeping in tone, the serenade exudes a beauty that’s well-nigh time stopping.”   Textura Magazine

“A new and exciting musical voice…Michael Kurek writes in an effortlessly vibrant tonal idiom which suits him naturally and without any forced self-consciousness…Kurek simply follows his expressive instincts and gives us music which falls consistently and naturally into place, with its ceaseless tides of lyrical ebb and flow, embellished with impressionistic atmosphere and a sure sense of dramatic pacing… He has all the potential to become known as one of the major figures of his generation.”  — Fanfare Magazine

“Michael Kurek’s music harmonizes in a charming and compelling way, intense lyricism with intellectual depth, clear and elegant formal design, and with a richly imaginative orchestral surface. His music exemplifies his ability of displaying a musical narrative that is as accessible as it is demanding. His musical world is an intensely traditional one, accented and punctuated by gestures and rhythms of today.” Citation from the American Academy of Arts and Letters, presented with their Academy Award in Music, for Lifetime Achievement


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