Monthly Archives: November 2022

Hilltop Diary, 11/23/22 — Special Thanksgiving Edition

Happy Thanksgiving to all! It may come as a surprise to those who know that my hobby is cooking, but for me this holiday is not primarily about food. It is not about parades, football, autumn, days off from work or school, pilgrims in boxy hats or what they may have done right or wrong, […]

Hilltop Diary, November 16, 2022

In this diary entry I’m happy to share with you not one but two spankin’ new short pieces of music for my ballet titled Raffaella. The first one is called “Raffaella’s Communion and Pas de deux with the Prince.” In her roughly Renaissance-era, Italian fairytale setting, Raffaella has a religious coming-of-age ceremony and then dances […]

Hilltop Diary, November 2, 2022

Things have finally relaxed a bit here at Hilltop. I have felt a kind of weight lifted that I didn’t even know I was carrying. It was the whole process of traveling and recording an album and all the things and people that went with releasing it. I don’t regret a minute of it, of […]