Hilltop Diary, Sept. 9, 2020

It hardly seems as though two weeks have passed since I last wrote. Over Labor Day weekend we had a wonderful time sharing a modern mountain cabin in the Smokey’s with our good friends the Pearces, where we enjoyed a spectacular view, good food, and some sight seeing.

Tomorrow, September 10th, in the afternoon, the first Formed Book Club discussion of my book, The Sound of Beauty, will go online for a week on the Ignatius site and their Facebook page, and continue four discussions (one per week) through October 7th. I have been invited to join in the final session at the end of the month.

Meanwhile, the national print edition of The Epoch Times has printed my first two articles, one on the great American Songbook, and one on my upcoming ballet project. By this, I mean that the articles do not only appear online and in the one New York edition for which I’m contracted, but also in their nationally distributed print edition, which is an extra bonus for me. I’m most grateful that they liked them! Also, the first article has been picked up and re-printed by The Imaginative Conservative HERE.

I’m very happy to announce that I have at last completed the fourth and final movement of my 45-minute-long  Symphony No. 2, Tales from the Realm of Faerie. You can hear all the movements by clicking at the top of any page on this site on the Symphony No. 2 link. But I also embed just the 4th movement below this paragraph, as well. The intention of this movement, as a complement to the first three, was to create a somewhat more serious piece, yet with a glowing ending of hopefulness to the entire symphony. My new novel of the same title, a companion to the symphony, is kindly being edited by Joseph Pearce and will be in search of a publisher in time to release it bundled along with the audio CD of the symphony forthcoming in summer 2021 on Parma Recordings.

Not much else to tell on the home front this time. We are both back to work and trying to catch up on the sleep we missed on our vacation, ironic as that may sound!  Thanks to God for all the blessings we have received, as this post celebrates one year of the Hilltop Diary blog! I also have a birthday coming up on September 23rd but cannot even think of any gift to ask for, as I have more than anyone could want, already.

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