Hilltop Diary, May 15, 2020

I am grateful for the coverage of my work in this week’s “The Epoch Times” – click here: The Epoch Times (To see all of the article, you may have to subscribe for one dollar, but you can read some of it for free.) This is a growing international newspaper in print and online in 33 countries and 21 languages, with a huge readership worldwide. As in so many things, I am grateful to my friend, author Joseph Pearce, for setting up and doing this interview with me. Everyone needs to buy his books!

The last movement of my “Tales from the Realm of Faerie” symphony is really taking shape, with four and a half minutes of music (a third of the piece) done. The completion of the related novel awaits the writing of the music, so that it can reflect the music. So, if you missed the concept, the music has not been composed after the book as the “soundtrack to the book”, as you might expect, but rather the book has been written after the music as “the book-track to the music”.

We are still in home isolation, aside from occasional trips to the grocery store, but we have plenty of wonderful books to read and our usual old movies, and we have had some lovely weather to spend on the patio. This week, I finally got our backyard fountain cleaned up and running!  Here are a couple of photos. It is not set to spray in a big visual display but just to provide a beautiful, peaceful waterfall sound.


We worked on some further landscaping plans for the area around the fountain in the back and for our side porch, which I will photograph and post. Though it is mid-May, we have had to wait till this week to finally be free of (we hope) cold temperatures, down into the 40’s some nights.

As we hope, along with you, to get back to normal commerce as soon as it is safe, I optimistically booked tickets to see the Downton Abbey Exhibition at the Biltmore Estate in North Carolina for our tenth wedding anniversary a little over a month from now. If they are not open yet, then we assume they will give us a rain check. We’ll see. Goodbye for now.

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