Hilltop Diary October 20, 2019

It has been two weeks since my last entry, having been just too busy to write last week. We took a trip eastward to Gatlinburg, TN for our friend Jennifer’s birthday party at a rented cabin in the beautiful fall mountains; then for a couple of days at the Biltmore Estate in North Carolina; then for a couple of days with friends: author and senior editor Joseph Pearce, his charming wife Susannah, and family; and then for a quick visit to Atlanta with Crystal’s parents. On the way home we stopped at an orchard for a bag of beautiful fall apples, and finally back home to our eagerly awaiting kitties in Nashville.

Joseph reminded me that I actually wrote my first book eleven years ago, which never saw the light of day at that time, nor since, save a few family and friends, including him. He wondered if, now that The Sound of Beauty has been published, I might want to submit this previous book to my publisher, as he remembered that he liked it.  So when I got home I went looking on my old external hard drive and finally found the file. I dusted it off a bit and found that I still do like it, too, and sent it to him, and we will be discussing the best title and approach to submitting it. Nothing may come of it, of course, but it was kind of him to remember and suggest another look at a book that had gone completely off my radar.  If nothing comes of my things, I tend to put them out of mind and move on to the next thing, and eleven years feels like forever ago.

Over the last two weeks I have been fortunate to be invited for ten live radio interviews about the new book, six of them on national Catholic networks. I didn’t let myself think about how many people I was speaking to (perhaps many thousands) and just treated each as a chat with the host. It actually went from nervous to fun, and so I look forward to the next six that have been lined up, with perhaps more to be added to the schedule by the PR company. Meanwhile, my music agency, entirely separate (see their logo below), has been at work, and there may be a big announcement soon. Pray.

Speaking of music, I’m so close to finishing the last thirty seconds of my symphony’s third movement that I can taste it.  Hmm… tastes like chicken. Watch for more about that next time. For now, if anyone would like to hear the mockups of the first two movements, complete with video images (which will not be used in the concert hall, of course), here is the link, which I leave you for this week’s listening. Scroll down for both videos and their descriptions:



Movement 3 has also been added to the above web site 10/25. Only one more to go.

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