Hilltop Diary, October 7, 2019

It has been a fun week at Hilltop.  Our two kitties got their new “marshmallow beds” – super plush, squishy beds, which cause them to sink in and “kneed the dough”.  I went to a nearby farm to pick up our big basket of organic produce that we subscribe to.  The owner happens to be the daughter of country music legend Loretta Lyn, and at the moment I came happened to have her on the phone.  Loretta said tell that man not to take all my yeller squash! The phone was handed to me, and she told me, and I said, “Oh, I’d give them up for you!” Loretta replied, “Well bless your heart!” Later I told everyone that when Loretta Lyn blesses your heart, it stays blessed.

On Friday I did an interview for Relevant Radio’s national live show (137 affiliated radio stations), which was a little scary, but I think I did okay.  You can hear it archived and see if you agree (scroll down to the lower left for the 10/4/19 show:  https://relevantradio.com/listen/our-shows/a-closer-look/   In the days ahead I’ll be on EWTN’s “Catholic Connection” with Teresa Tomeo, also a national radio broadcast and several more local radio interviews set up for me to talk about the book, and then I think TV will follow.  Ignatius Press is using the Carmel Agency to do all the PR for the book, including print interviews and advertisements. I enjoy talking about what’s in the book, but hope that I don’t start to sound canned if I simply repeat myself too much.

I’m coming down the home stretch of my third symphony movement, with really just the Coda remaining, but this week we are at the Biltmore Estate in North Carolina (after a stop to see friends in Gatlinburg, TN and to attend a memorial service where Crystal sang in NC), and on to visit our good friends the Pearces in South Carolina. (The distinguished author Joseph Pearce was very kind to write the forward to my book.) We will be doing the regular tour of the estate and also the “downstairs” tour, while staying at the Inn owned by the estate.  We are enjoying a good amount of fall color in these mountains, though in more subtle tones than usual, so far. Then on to see more family in the Atlanta area before returning home.  We are fortunate to have a good cat and plant sitter!

This week I will have to skip posting music, due to traveling, but stay tuned for another selection next week, and please have a lovely week yourself, as fall finally seems to be descending upon us in all its glory.

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