Headed to New York Again, and More

Above, left:  Crystal Kurek as Elizabeth Barrett and Deron Ryan Martel as Robert Browning.  Above right: Leslie Eiler Thompson as Sarah Martin and Tyler Evick as Henry Lane, rehearsing in Nashville for Michael Kurek’s musical theater show, “Dear Miss Barrett.”   A reading of 2/3 of the show will be held at the National Arts Club in New York on Thursday, January 17, 2019, 1 – 3 p.m. (open to the public, no admission charge), sponsored by the New York Browning Society.

Last month, my new Latin Mass setting, Missa Brevis, was professionally recorded by the Vanderbilt Chorale under the direction of Tucker Biddlecombe with Polly Brecht, organist, for release on a future CD/ album.

The Sea Knows (the album) has continued to enjoy ever-growing exposure in the streaming world, now up to 108,000 plays on Spotify, and enjoying radio airplay on classical stations across the nations.

I have completed the first movement of my new Symphony No. 2: Tales from the Realm of Faerie, for large orchestra, and continue to work on it.  See the page on this site with the title “Bonus Video” at the top.

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