Hilltop Diary, April 14

As spring keeps nudging its way in, we keep planting and mowing and investing in what we hope will be a beautiful garden in the back (with flowers vegetables and herbs in the back and landscaping in the front. Photos to come! Even our “Rock City” hummingbird feeder is out, as they advise you to hang them early, so that the hummingbirds see them upon arrival in the area and build their nests nearby. After working rather too many hours on music and writing, this will all be an inducement to relax on the patio a bit.

I’m rather caught up with episodes for the next few weeks for my radio show, coming up with Beethoven this week and Edward Elgar next, and Brahms after that. You can hear the episodes on my web site HERE that have already aired on the Crusader Channel network.

Preparation to mount my Dear Miss Barrett music show in late June continues, on faith that circumstances will permit it. There are a few hotly debating folks along with the vast majority wanting to get back to in-person events, done with safety measures. We will hope things are better in late June, anyway, so that it will become a non-issue, but as the decision is not mine to make, please don’t write me about it. Tickets are now on sale for the show! HERE

My new article on “How to Perform as a Vessel” is now online HERE. This topic is derived indirectly from a chapter in my book, The Sound of Beauty (Ignatius Press).

The Tennessee Register is also featuring my radio show in an article dated April 9, 2021 HERE.

It’s almost strawberry picking time in these parts! In May, you can travel about an hour north of town and find vast fields of them ready to harvest. Then you bring them up and have them weighed and pay a very reasonable price by the pound. Then certain people (meaning Crystal) make jars and jars of wonderful strawberry jam and strawberry pies and strawberry-rhubarb pies and homemade strawberry-vanilla ice cream all afternoon. Here are a couple of photos of her in action in a previous year.


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