Hilltop Diary, March 5, 2021

spring flowersWhat a difference a week makes at Hilltop! Some bulbs are already showing their color, and temperatures are springing up to feel like spring has sprung. We’ve naturally begun dreaming of all our agricultural plans for this year, adding potted vegetables to the flowers and herbs.

The former must be carefully protected from all the munching critters aroundscreen and rain barrel here, so we are experimenting with cylindrical wire cages to put around each pot, which can expand as needed. And we have installed on a downspout a 50-gallon rain barrel water collection system for watering the garden or for emergency use.

So, I now start my possibly dubious career as a radio announcer, turning in my first hour-long Episode of my new show, “Catholic Adventures in Great Music”, to the Crusade Network on Catholic radio and internet. It took a bit of practice to sound spontaneous, but the end recording of the first show turned out well, they said. We now have a web page on this site (just click above on “Adventures Info Page”). This will be a lighthearted music appreciation show — great for home-school students, too. Please help spread the word.

Please tune in to The Crusade Channel for the following:

Monday, March 8, 7:30 a.m. Central Time — MICHAEL INTERVIEWED about the new show by morning host Mike Church.

Monday, Feb. 8 and Friday March 12 at 5-6 p.m. Central Time, and Saturday, March 13, 8-9 a.m. — EPISODE ONE AIRS!

A quick summary of other music and literary activities includes teaching online composition lessons to professional adult composers who were trained in modern music but want to learn to write traditional music, and a new article for The Epoch Times, to appear soon, exploring the similarities and differences between “classic film music” and “classical music”, which are rather more different than might be imagined by many people nowadays.

A Wikipedia article is being done now about my work, which is no huge mark of distinction, but it’s never been done. Not sure when it will be up. Finally, my rather more in-depth (than usual) article showing how one of aesthetic philosopher Leonard B. Meyer’s theories on musical perception applies to Tolikien’s Lord of the Rings has been accepted for the May/June 2021 issue of the magazine Saint Austin Review, that issue to be on all things Tolkien.

Shamrock CityWell, Crystal and I are not terribly Irish, or maybe only a small percentage so, but this year we will be celebrating St. Patrick’s day in some bigger ways than ever. First, we will travel a few days before the day (it is her spring break) to Chattanooga’s Lookout Mountain, not to jump together off of Lover’s Leap, pictured here (romantic as that sounds), but for the “Shamrock City” Irish music and food festival at Rock City. We will also visit the regular “city” as a whole (it’s been years), staying at a lovely B and B only a blarney stone’s throw away from the entrance. Then, on the night of the 17th, we are back home and have a few guests coming over (yes, safely) for cottage pie, corned beef and cabbage, Guinness beer (etc.), Irish appetizers and desserts.

Finally, my way-way-off Broadway show, Dear Miss Barrett (it has its own page on this site, click link at top of this page) is finally gearing up for auditions, for its June 17-27 run at the Hendersonville Performing Arts Center. See their site HERE. We start soon with pre-production meetings to plan the details.

Wishing you a lovely start (we hope) to spring!

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