Hilltop Diary, Nov. 25, 2020

Today’s entry comes not from Hilltop but from “beachside”, where I am vacationing at Fort Lauderdale by the Sea on Florida’s South Atlantic Coast, just north of Miami.  We have a lovely third-floor room with a balcony overlooking the beach and ocean. They have a bar on the beach and provide lounge chairs and umbrellas. The sand is smoothed each morning by an army of bulldozers, brushes, rollers for a perfect effect. Here is a photo of the sunrise from our balcony.


I won’t post the usual photos of lobsters and crabs on dinner plates, but we are enjoying those, too. In two days, we will still have Thanksgiving Day turkey and dressing and all the fixin’s at one of the many restaurants here. Alas, no leftovers, but being here is worth it. Crystal and I are here with her parents, so the four of us are having a relaxing time, including riding bikes all over the village and visiting the quaint shops.

Back at Hilltop, we have someone taking care of the cats, not to worry, and we hear they are having high winds today. Next week at home I will get back to editing individual sheet-music parts for the last movement of my symphony. I’m up to the bassoons now, or should I say down, working down from the top of the conductor’s score with woodwinds at the top – piccolo, two flutes (each with separate parts), two oboes, English horn, 2 clarinets, bass clarinet, and next will be three more parts, two bassoons and contrabassoon, to complete the woodwinds.

Also, next week, I’ll be writing my December article for The Epoch Times, this time having something to do (I’m not sure what) with British choral music or recordings thereof for Christmas, and with the state of choral music, generally. I’ll try to record a pilot for a new radio show for Catholic radio networks, about classical music appreciation from a spiritual perspective. I don’t know if it will work out but am toying with it.

On Wed. I will teach my online class in the same vein, this one on Schubert and Mahler. Only two more such classes remain in the term, the following two Wednesdays, and then the course goes into archive for people to take without my actually teaching them again. Of course Crystal will get back to school and will continue preparing her choirs for a “Lessons and Carols” program in December at the school.

With many things in the world that one can easily fret about, I try to let go of those that are beyond my control and do my best to stay positive and spread beauty where I can. I leave you with this cheeky pelican on the pier, who didn’t want to budge and let me get very close to take this photo.


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