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Hilltop Diary, April 3, 2022

Happy birthday, April 3, to my wife of now close to a dozen years, Crystal! I try to surprise her every year with something a bit unusual from among her many passionate pursuits. One thing she enjoys, perhaps out of her nostalgic sensibility, is playing scratchy old antique vinyl records of original cast recordings and […]

Hilltop Diary, March 21, 2022

After a sudden change of plans, which often seems to happen in the arts just to keep us a little crazy, my symphony recording project was switched to another orchestra. Question: What happens when you take top professional symphony players from a dozen Eastern European symphony orchestras and gather them into the state-of-the-art Bulgarian National […]

Hilltop Diary, March 4, 2022

Could it be a sign of spring? At Hilltop, our big flock of turkeys has mysteriously returned, sauntering across the back pasture from time to time, and they seem fearless. They come right up to me begging for food. (I have been known to give them some dried corn.) They would probably eat out of […]

Hilltop Diary, February 10, 2022

Last time, I showed you the “before” pictures of painting the primer on our raw brick fireplace. Here is the finished job. We’re happy with the end result! It’s a lighter off-white than it appears here. In other world-shaking news, I have now lost almost 25 pounds on my diet that has been going on […]

Hilltop Diary, January 24, 2022

In the latest “bite-off-more-than-you-can-chew” news, after long saying we’d like to do it, Crystal and I finally got ourselves into the car and down to the hardware store together to pick out and buy paint. It was for our indoor, yellow, unpainted brick fireplace. You have to put a special primer/sealer on the raw brick […]

Hilltop Diary, January 10, 2020

The weather report said we got eight inches of snow a few days ago, a very rare thing in Nashville. I hope you stayed safe and enjoyed it, if you got some too. We had plenty of food and firewood and working utilities, so we cozied in with our books and some work and enjoyed […]

Hilltop Diary, December 21, 2021

It is a most interesting life, being the spouse of a musical theater actor. People likely know or can guess that the personal preparation is intense at home after landing a role, before the first rehearsal. What people may not know, though, is that the same intense preparation can go into an audition that only […]

Hilltop Diary, December 14, 2021

Happy third week of Advent and Merry Christmas to all! More by happenstance than by design, since I last wrote we found no fewer than four local musical theater shows we had some personal connection with to attend, one of them an ensemble performance that included Crystal singing the role played by Rosemary Clooney in […]

Hilltop Diary, November 29, 2021

Below, if you want to skip the gossip from Hilltop, is an audio mockup of my new (5½-minute) ballet movement that you can stream for free – just click on the play arrow. But first things first: Thanksgiving Day was blissfully simple and peaceful, maybe because Crystal did all the cooking this year! I did […]

Hilltop Diary, November 14, 2021

Welcome back to the Hilltop! As this will be my last post before Thanksgiving Day, I will begin by giving thanks to all of you who follow these musings, plus the usual thanks we all share for God’s many blessings. My new Thanksgiving column in The Epoch Times will appear online in the next couple […]