Raffaella Ballet Sneak Previews

ballet leap

Click below to listen to virtual demo recordings of Michael Kurek’s music for the forthcoming ballet Raffaella.

  1. “The Gazelles and the Village” (scherzo (length: 4:09)


  1. “The Empty Cradle and the Holy Man’s Blessing” (moderato) (length: 5:16)


      3. “Raffaella is Born and Christened” (moderato) (length: 3:40 minutes)


  1. “The Holy Man, The Rose, and The Transcendent Prince” (moderato) (length: 7 min.)


  1. “Trip to Rome, The Witch, and The Rescue” (andante/ allegro/ allegretto) (length: 5 min.)


     6. “Raffaella Gives the Children Roses,” (andante/ allegro/ allegretto) (length: 3:30)


  1. “The Day of Communion, Pas de deux with the Prince, Angels Dance” (moderato) (length: 4 minutes)


  1. “Raffaella’s Suitors Dance with Her, and The Swordfight” (allegretto/ vivace) (length: 4:20)


      9. “The Runaway Cart and Rescue”  (Andante)  (length: 2 min.)  NOT YET COMPOSED.


     10. “The Emerald Queen, The False Prince, and the Transcendent Prince” (Moderato) (length: 4:32 minutes) 


       11. “The False Prince Attacks Raffaella and Fights with the Angel” (andante/ allegro) (length: 6 minutes)           NOT YET COMPOSED.


      12. “The Other Girls Are Mean to Raffaella, but She Gives them Roses.  NOT YET COMPOSED.


      13. “Pas de deux: Dream Dance with the Transcendent Prince”  


      14. “Snow by the Lake. Pas de deux with the Transcendent Prince”  (moderato) (length: 5:36)


 15. “Finale: Apotheosis of Raffaella” (7 min.) NOT YET COMPOSED.